No Traffic – English Version

No Traffic app has been approved by Apple, and it is ready to be tested.

If you have received the invitation to be a beta tester, you may find useful the following instructions.


Screenshot of the app

Screenshot of the app


The app interface is shown in the screenshot. There is an automatic feedback system that every five minutes send anonymously the map to the server.

Traffic condition

The app display on the map:

  1. A red circle with a red filling if the traffic is very slow/stuck.
  2. A red circle with a green or transparent filling if the traffic is slow
  3. A green circle if the there is no traffic

The circles are in overlay with the Google Traffic data in order to let to the user to communicate if the data are similar to the Google Traffic data or not. Furthermore, the user can also choose if the data are aligned with the current traffic condition or not.


With the button “Send feedback”, the user can send to the server its feedback about the current condition, including the answer to the two questions.

The app has an automatic update system, but if the user wants, she/he can manually update the traffic condition.

Furthermore, with the buttons [1 2 3 4 5], the tester can simulate how many cars are in her/his situation.

The default is five.

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